Blog Entry #1

Welcome to my first blog entry on art, education and environment – what I hope will become regular reading for those with similar passions.  I often frame my practice as an art educator, researcher and consultant in terms of planting seeds, and so this blog will become another means for me to sow ideas and share new growth in the fields of art-making, art education, and environmentalism.   I’m aiming to write an entry every few weeks on these topics and cross-pollinate with others interested in these areas, so join me as I explore these fertile environments in future.

I’m writing this as I enjoy the quieter pace of the summer after wrapping up another year teaching in the preservice program at OISE.  It was a very busy year, and I welcome the summer break as a time to encourage growth on other projects that have been on the back burner.  One of these projects is my own website, which is linked to this blog.  Thanks to web designer Gareth Bates it is coming into full flower – tell me what you think about its design and content.  Another is getting caught up on writing projects that have been dormant all winter – I’m working on getting two book proposals out the door by the fall.

And I’m looking forward to another Summer Institute for teachers for the Toronto District School Board and Evergreen for August, this one on cross curricular approaches to environmental education and ecological literacy.  I’m facilitating this with my amazing colleague and friend Pam Miller. The institute is forcing me back into the studio to get my hands dirty – what a welcome relief after a winter with too much time at my keyboard!  I’ll write more about the institute in late August as it promises to be a great event.

Until then, enjoy the summer months, and take time to get outside and think carefully at what’s growing in your garden.


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