Pinning my passion for eco-art

My new favourite creativity tool is a digital app called Pinterest.  This app is easy to learn and use, and is perfectly geared to visual learners.  Think of it as a series of (digital) bulletin boards that allow you to save images anywhere on the Internet in an easily accessible way – no more file folders of clip art, lists of URLs, or bookmarked webpages.  With the Pinterest app installed on your favourite digital device, you ‘pin’ an image by clicking on the ‘pin it’ button (saving not only the image to your bulletin board, but its original URL as well. You can access other people’s bulletin boards by searching under key words…which (finally) connects back to environmental art.  Pinterest has many boards related to nature art, land art, ecology and art, environment and art – there is a board for just about any variation on eco-art you’d like.  I’ve started to compile a couple of boards in this area – check them out under the names ‘art & nature’, ‘art in schoolyards’, ‘upcycling’, ‘environmental art’ and ‘eco-art ideas’.  If you’re up and running on Pinterest, send me your board names if they connect to these topics, and I’ll re-pin your fascinating finds!

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