World Premiere of My Eco-Art Video!

Such a busy winter, but so many fun projects happening along the way!  I started my own You Tube channel called ‘EcoArt Ed’, and posted my first video about making ecoart with elementary children.  You can find it here:

The project came about thanks to my sister Karen Somers, who is a filmmaker and photographer in LA (check out her website at )  We shot the footage last summer when she was in town – a fitting end as I was wrapping up a long standing commitment to the school featured in the video.  We didn’t have time to script, so we shot mainly in one or two takes when we had time.  She left me the raw footage, and I worked on editing it last fall.  It was my first experience using iMovie, so the learning curve was steep, but I’m pleased with the result.  (Thanks also to my son Alex for his help with the editing – it really was a family affair!)  It certainly has reminded me to document all that is done when working on ecoart projects – just sharing the results with others can inspire them to try eco-artmaking themselves!

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  • Comment from Shannon

    Loved your video. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful, inspiring place for both adults and children. I hope many more schools with implement those ideas.

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