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Favourite Eco-Art Sites

Green Museum - this is the definitive site for environmental art (while it is no longer live, it is archived, and is still a wonderful resource).

Community Arts Network – Arts and the Environment - also an archived site, but an excellent repository of theoretical writing on environmental art

Ecoartspace - run by Patricia Watt and Amy Lipton, this site is a nonprofit platform providing opportunities for artists who address the human/nature relationship in the visual arts

Greens Arts Web - contains links to web sites containing detailed information about multiple-artist projects focusing on art and ecology and/or eco-activist art

Green Arts - is a guide to websites which show the work of creative artists concerned with ecology, nature, environmental and social issues in their themes or techniques

Nature Art Education - is the site of a group of FInnish researchers and artists who study arts-based environmental education

Women's Eco Artists Dialog - this magazine and directory features women’s unique perspectives on ecological and social justice art


Useful Environmental Education Sites

Center for Eco-Literacy

Evergreen’s Teacher Corner

Green Street

TDSB’s Ecoschools Program

Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication

Learning for a Sustainable Future: Resources for Rethinking


Inspiring Artists

Andy Goldsworthy

Richard Long

Mierle Laderman-Ukeles

Mel Chin

Basia Irland

Edward Burtynsky

Chris Jordan

Peter Menzel

Sharon Kallis

Peter von Tiessenhausen

David Nash

Noel Harding

Lisa Lipsett

James Turrell

Susan Kapuchinski-Gaylord

Gareth Bate


Recommended Organizations

Vibe Arts

Spacing Toronto

Evergreen Brickworks

Cape Farewell

River of Words

Stream of Dreams

The Tree Museum

Toronto Music Garden

Yorkshire Sculpture Park